Amateur Radio Station - EI3IO     IO63wf

Amateur radio station EI3IO established in 1997 is operated by Dave Court from Shankill, Co Dublin, on the east coast of Ireland. Shankill is a suburb of Dublin, just north of the Co. Dublin, Co. Wicklow border, lying between the coastal towns of Dun Laoghaire and Bray.

First licensed as an amateur radio operator in 1963 as G3SDL, Dave has established stations and held call-signs in a number of countries, including F0CWN, OZ3SDL and S21BI. From February 2010 Dave has been operating from the ‘Pearl of the Gulf’, Bahrain with the call-sign A92IO.

Hot links from the photographs below will take you to the shack, antenna system and location of EI3IO

EI3IO Shack
Dave EI3IO
EI3IO Antennas

QSL address: See here.


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 * Not always operational

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