Snail Mail QSL

EI3IO is located in Shankill, about 1 mile south of Killiney Hill and 2 miles north of Bray about 0.5 miles inland from the coast. This is the view from Killiney Hill looking north towards Dublin Bay. Two islands can be seen at the top of the picture. The smaller island, The Muglins is oval in shape and about 100m long, 17m wide at it's Northern end tapering off Southwards. The rock is granite and has a cigar shaped, red and white navigation beacon on top. The larger island is Dalkey Island. The island, which has a long history dating back to the Stone Age, gets its name from the Irish "Delginis", meaning Thorn Island. It was fortified by the Danes and later by the English in Napoleonic times. There is also a small medieval oratory. Both islands are classified as EU-121 under the IOTA award scheme and are activated from time to time.

The railway line in the picture is the picturesque main east coast line from Dublin to Wexford. The suburban rail service known as the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport) provides frequent trains between Malahide, Howth, Dublin, Bray and Greystones.