50 MHz Audio Files

EI3IO 50 MHz Audio Clips

Audio clips are generally in .MP3 format, which gives smaller files and better quality. You'll need the latest Microsoft Windows Media Player, http://www.microsoft.com/windows/mediaplayer/ or the new RealPlayer G2, http://www.real.com or you can download a compact MP3 player from http://www.winamp.com

EI3IO - WZ1V 6M F2 11/25/00, 3070 miles (courtesy of WZ1V)

EI3IO - K2KW/6Y5 24/11/2001 recorded in Netherlands

EI3IO during an aurora

EI3IO - J79KV 2/7/2004 recorded in Cyprus (5B4FL). Difficult QSO with someone QRMing well!